A pirate in Munich

August 5, 2018 - single portrait

We haven‘t posted anything in a while and honestly I thought I might never post again. But when I saw a pirate walking through Munich‘s city center, something told me that I need to know this guy and I need his image for this blog. I even had a camera with me, a noblex middle format panorama which I picked up from being repaired just before.

After I approached the pirate without fear, we talked a bit. I got to know that Madhu was celebrating his bachelor party with his friends. His wedding is going to happen in a couple of weeks. Friends even traveled all the way from India to celebrate with him. Madhu himself is living in Munich working for a big IT firm. All the best for the future, Madhu.

Meanwhile bachelor parties are a common sight in Munich’s popular shopping street Kaufinger Straße. Usually the girls are dressed extremely silly and the bright and her friends are selling weird items. Sometimes they offer shots of liquor to be drank with the bright. Men also appear in silly clothes and the major goal seems to be as loud and drunk as possible. I did a quick google search on bachelor parties and dozens of sites giving you ideas for your last party as a single. There is even travel agencies who specialize in organizing bachelor party trips. When I visited the Slovakian capitol Bratislava a couple of years ago, the city seemed to be a hot destination for British bachelor parties. I could imagine that some of the guys don’t or don’t want to remember what happened in Bratislava.

In Germany the bachelor party seems to replace to old tradition of the Polterabend more and more. The Polterabend is usually celebrated the evening before the wedding. The bright and the groom invite family and especially friends to celebrate together. The guests bring their old china which then is deliberately broken noisily during the event. The Polterabend isn’t so much for celebrating the last night of freedom but to bring good luck for the coming years of married life.

When I lived in America, I was invited once to a bacholar party there. Visiting a strip club seems the “usual” thing to do. Let’s say it was rather unusual for a German guy to visit a very exclusive gentlemen’s club in Mangattan. And exclusive it was and very expensive.

I hope to see you again soon …

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