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May 29, 2016 - single portrait

the image of Amrit Samra a.k.a. Honey is part of my large format christmas project just asking people if they would like their pictures taken on a 9×12 sheet of film. Surprisingly, all people I asked agreed right away and I was able to get 5 of 6 frames I had prepared. when I saw Amrit standing there enjoying the sun, I had to get his picture. of course I was also curious if he just visited town or if he lived in Germany. Amrit agreed right away to have his picture and I ask him to take the same position in the sun with his headphones on as I found him. while I set up the camera, we talked a bit and I found out that he has lived in Munich for a while already and that he worked for an Indian restaurant.

Amrit showed us his Kara which is a steel or iron bracelet worn by all initiated Sikhs. it is one of five external articles of faith that identifies a Sikh. the Kara was instituted by the tenth Sikh guru Gobind Singh in 1699. He also wrote:

“He does not recognize anyone else except me, not even the bestowal of charities, performance of merciful acts, austerities and restraint on pilgrim-stations; the perfect light of the Lord illuminates his heart, then consider him as the immaculate Khalsa.”

the Kara shaped like a circle has no beginning and no end like the eternity of God. the bracelet is also a symbol of Sikh brotherhood recognized among punjabis around the globe.

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  1. love to see the results of your LF walk Ijon !

  2. Beautiful scene, beautiful portrait and interesting character… As always, inspiring.

  3. IjonTichy says:

    thanks Olga 🙂 Hopefully tonight i find the time to add a new one … this time with a bit of drama ….

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