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February 28, 2016 - single portrait

You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a brewery or distillery in oregon. that’s what they say and this is what I tell you now after my visit. if you look up in the sky chances are you see big crying clouds while visiting early in the year. so visiting breweries and public houses keeps you pretty damn dry. at least on the outside. after a week of workshops, meetings during the day and some good brews in the evening, I decided to do some nature during the weekend and drove from portland to cannon beach. It was really nice to walk along the fresh and salty sea. I took some images and also talked to a lady walking her dog. she advised me to check out astoria, the seat of clatsop county and apparently the oldest settlement on the pacific coast. I followed her recommendation and the drive up north took about 25min. after I parked the car, I walked down the main shopping street a bit, tried some side streets and hit the fort george brewery and public house.

the look of the nicely polished kettles full of tasty beer and I walked in to find the pub open. I decided to have a quick pint for the 90 miles drive back to Portland. the beer list was long and i had a hard time deciding what to drink but I decided to go with the “big guns” pilsner. the beer was crisp and with a hint of hoppy bitterness as a pilsner should be. next to me, luke was having an IPA after finishing checking the beer kettles on this sunday afternoon. We started talking about beer. for luke germany is the greatest beer country. yet, I kinda disagree since the variety and therefore the tastes of beers in germany are quite limited. also many of the smaller breweries which existed in almost every town in the south of germany closed down. There is still many kinds of beer in germany and they do show more or less minor differences in taste but the purity law of beer brewing prohibits finding new, exiting and different tastes. I told luke that I loved the experiments american microbreweries were running to get interesting and tasty brews.

luke told me about the fort george series, a special winder brew which is now already in its ninth edition. first I had a taste of the winter 2015 run called “north the ninth”, a strong ale brewed with pineapple and brown sugar. the 8.9% alcohol, the fruity with just a little bit of sweetness gave the beer an almost desert wine quality. luke didn’t like it much while I could see myself having a small glass after dinner. Next I tried “north the seventh” a whisky barrel aged imperial ipa. that brew had a kick ass 9% alcohol and so much depth. in the beginning I tasted the nice hoppyness of the ipa and in the conclusion the taste of the oak and the whisky that aged once in the barrels. It was a dream of a beer that can compete with the best port wine or cherry.

I also tried the cavatica stout and the vortex ipa. both are great beers with a little twist. luke went home after his pint while I stayed around, ate a slice of pizza and tried some more beer. he told me a lot about the thought process how to come up with new ideas for tasty beer.

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  1. Lena Konstantinova says:

    Feel thirsty after your story… And recalling how we had beer in Tel Aviv with you, Trill, Sergey and Vic …
    Next time will rely on your experience in my choice ..

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