People Like Art or Wrong “Guda” Right Daniela

January 11, 2016 - single portrait

Funny story, actually. That’s why I decided to tell you how I met … hang on, let me start from the beginning. 

A couple of days ago I visited This Art Fair – an art expo in Amsterdam, where I was going to meet Guda Koster.  She was an artist I got friendly with on Ello and never met in real life, though we both live in the same city. That’s a typical Internet case, isn’t it. So, I went to search for Guda’s stand at the biggest art fair I’ve seen, and before I reached her  famous feet-sculpture, I was blown away many times, seeing most amazing art one could imagine.  Anyway, when I found Guda’s stand I started looking around trying to guess her in the crowd, or let her guess me first. 

There was a small group of people standing at Guda’s stand, one was a small, delicate woman of artistic appearance (what I thought of artistic appearance anyway). I thought to give it a shot, came closer and asked rather bluntly, trying to voice over the sound of the commotion: “Hi, are you Guda?”  The red haired woman with very beautiful brown eyes, – the kind of motherly-loving-warm-chocolaty-looking-straight-into-your-heart-eyes  nodded: “Yes yes!!” Joy! … I was so happy to meet famous and lovely Guda, so being typical me, I started hugging her and shaking her like my old friend. “Guda” seemed to be a little… reluctant to my happy attitude, a little… shocked with my overly friendly hugs, so I thought I would hold my horses, who knows what people are like in real life, vs their online behaviors, right? I started asking “Guda” about her mother, I knew she would be somewhere in that crowd, and got an answer that mother wasn’t coming, change of plans… and so it went for a few minutes, and I started feeling uneasy.  It just didn’t click between us, which can happen of course. So, I decided to give it the last try and asked “Guda” to stand in front of her art works, so I could take a picture and bugger off.  “Guda” said ok… and went away from “her” stand to a different corner of expo, full of paintings and installations. The letters on the wall  said: DANIELA JORDANOVA.  And there she stood, next to one of the works – her favourite one, as I asked her… Then it all became clear to me, so I started laughing like crazy,  and Daniela started laughing, finally she understood the situation, and I guess she was extremely relieved I wasn’t some kind of a weirdo, jumping on total strangers. It suddenly was resolved, the tension, and everything became nice, and friendly, even it went so wrong at first – because of the noise, and the language differences, and the whole situation of an art fair, where everybody was talking to everybody. 

I took a picture of Daniela Jordanova, who looked a lot like her art, and I purposefully exaggerated the contrast a little, to enhance the resemblance.  Already at home (after meeting with real Guda Koster and having a good laugh about it all) at home I googled Daniela’s art and have fallen in love with her work… I met many strangers lately, but only some of them left a long lasting impression, because of their personalities  and what they do… Their passion.  Their talent. I have put together the series “People Like Art”, with my interpretation of people at expo, so if you feel like looking at it, it’s on my website. 

About Olga van Saane

I am a Netherlands-based portrait/concept photographer. I am glad I can share my favourite strangers with the readers of this blog and meet others. So we are not strangers any more.

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  1. Such interesting story Olga !
    also beautiful portrait and visible Artistic vibes here

  2. Thank you so much, Victor! 🙂 It was funny. But also very inspiring, all that art.I enjoyed making the set – following the artistic vibes, like you said.

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