surrounded by blue

October 9, 2015 - single portrait

It’s easy to meet people on the street and take there picture. However, a real conversation besides exchanging a couple of words is hardly possible. This old man sitting in front of his blue house in the old city of jaisalmer was different. Mool Raj Acharieya had been waiting for visitors walking by to invite them in his house and tell his story.

He counts eighty one years and has problems with diabetes nowadays. Mool Raj invited me to visit his house to look around and enjoy the view across the roofs of the old city from his own roof. I felt a bit weird walking through the house. Someone was taking a shower and food was prepared in the kitchen. Everything looked narrow, functional, simple and very clean. It’s interesting to see this, for me so different, world from inside. We tend to put a judgement on things just based on an outside view and I’m thankful for every look inside.

After looking around in his house and taking some pictures, I also took two images of Mool Raj and promised him to send some prints by mail. If I should visit jaisalmer again in the near future, I’ll stop by his house.

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  1. interesting story Ijon ! also beautiful portrait

  2. […] still refer to brahmin families, the highest originally priests’ chast. mool raj acharieya [please read his story here] is a brahmin, not only recognizable by his blue-colored house but by his dignity-kind of behavior […]

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