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October 1, 2015 - single portrait

She was just sitting there in the city center in Dnepropetrovsk together with some other women selling her goodies. I stopped to take pictures of raspberries I rarely see in my country. She asked: where are you taking us to?  “To Israel” I said, “can I take your picture there?” She agreed. I asked her to smile, but she said: “Take it as it is”. I thanked her and asked for her name. “Lena” – she answered, my namesake… So, here is your picture, Lena … as it is … in Israel and all over the world … I wish you and your country peace, prosperity, independence and happiness!

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  1. Lena Konstantinova says:

    You’re right Vic. Now I regret that I haven’t bought anything from her… Now i will think about it all the time ..

    • Oksana says:

      Lenchik, tell me where exactly you met her. I can give her your wonderful picture and buy raspberries on your behalf 🙂

      • Lena Konstantinova says:

        Wow, Ksiusha, it would be great, I have topographic cretinism , but maybe you can find her on Moskovskaya, just near the book market ( a bit behind her). I was with Marina, my friend, so I can check once more and tell you !

  2. IjonTichy says:

    Hi Lena, wonderful contribution here 🙂 just like the real life … oops … it is the real life

  3. Dawn Copley says:

    Hello dear friends – Trillian and Ijon of this wonderful page full of beautiful strangers I wish to know ! I was just dropping into your blog to catch up on some long over due news of visits you all have been enjoying ! Lena’s namesake here has some beautiful berries and my favorite tomatoes ! I eat tomatoes almost everyday here in the Southern part of the US in Mississippi ! We eat them with everything ! I want to add some portraits I have taken that might be ok . I just have not been to sure about the uploading part yet ! I will keep trying . I also want my first addition to the blog to fit in with the quality of work you have set as standard ! I miss my tutoring from Trillian and Victor ! Lena was also very good to encourage my study as well . I always try to promote your wonderful blog . I will continue. I wish you all the best . I will not be a stranger too long again! Continue the great work … Dawn

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