girlish spirit under christmas tree

September 11, 2015 - single portrait

when i was travelling the famous hwy 49 through the california gold country i visited numerous cute old little towns and even more ‘antiques & collectables’ stores. while i was taking a portrait of a bubbling brunette woman in such a store in mariposa, who was absolutely thrilled to be photographed (i gonna tell her story in another post) her co-worker was silently waiting behind the counter. not until i payed the necklace i found (an ugly piece, a thick link chain that somebody had painted blue, it looked so weird that i needed to buy it) and came onto the counter i talked to her. it was as if i had inserted a coin into her, because she instantly woke up from her silence and popped out with her witty, funny, sparkling personality. cj smiled so brightly that the fully decorated chistmas tree (it was mid summer season, by the way) in the background even paled out. her colorful dress and jewelery like christmas decoration underlined her glittering wihte hair and corresponded with her twinkling eyes as well as the tinsel on the fir. i assume she was in her 60’s but when she laughed she appeared like a young girl during her prom night. she even had german ancestors and when people persist in saying that germans are the most humorless nation in the world the other part of her roots must have been clowns. when i asked her for an email adress in order to send her the photograph she gave me her business card and added “woman with white hair” for to help me remember her. i found it quite odd that of all things that make up her character she picked that as a token.

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