chiquita destornillador

June 11, 2015 - single portrait

i walked along a street one morning in Barcelona in search for a screwdriver. i know, i know, the start is strange even for me, but let me explain the sitution: i have Horizon 202 panoramic film camera with some technical problem to use the film rewind lever. so each time after finishing a roll i need a screwdriver to rewind the celluloid to the canister. ok. i always have some nice screwdriver in my bag but when i entered the x-ray check in the Airport on my way to barcelona i completely forgot about it and was asked by security personal to take it out and to say goodbye forever. now i can return to the start of my narration.

i walked along a street one morning in Barcelona in search for a screwdriver. i remebered that i saw a technical stuff store at the corner a day before but it was closed, so i started to think about another solution. i found it very fast – “Delta Carburació Sport Automotive Repair” was open and i asked the owner for the “chiquita destornillador”. it took a few moments to wind the film back to the canister and to ask my savior for the portrait.

Gonzalo was kind and pleased to pose for me! “Enorme Gracias” Gonzalo. we are in touch via Whatsapp now and i hope to visit his cool place during my next visit.

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  1. Cool guy, Vic !
    Next time take a portrait of the airport security guy who took your screwdriver!

  2. Thomas says:

    A very nice story 🙂
    And cool Portrait….

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