michael with the ‘wasn’t-me-face’

May 19, 2015 - Uncategorized

michael, an 18 years teenager, tall and skinny with slightly greasy hair but with the most winning smile as if the sun comes up in the gloomy barroom, placed me in the armagosa restaurant in death valley junction. this place is almost completely abandoned, only the hotel and the famous desert opera house are still there companied by a few warped houses. the desert wind blows constantly sand and tumble weeds through the only street it has. michaels first words were excuses for nearly everything. for it is too early to order a proper meal or too late, for being untrained in serving (he just finished school and started working a few weeks a go) for that half of the menue is sold out, the water isn’t cold enough (which is never in the desert heat), that he forgot what you ordered … twice, for the lactose on your dish even though you pointed out that would cause severe problems to you (“oh, i know, my brother has this, too. so i can easily remember” he said before), for that he cannot serve alcohol because of having no licence. he appeared very much obedient at the first glance. but, talking with him for a while i learnt that there is a smart, witty and charming teenage face behind the butler’s with an ironic undertone. and so his ‘i-am-so-sorry-face’ before appeared rather like a ‘wasn’t-me-face’ after.

when i asked him for a portrait after the dinner he wanted to make a gangster face, saying his smile isn’t nice. but you see how much he was wrong with that. but this smile is also different to michael’s the servant. it comes without any obedience. this smile he gave me for a gift instead for the tip i have him.

(read the full story on the adventure of dining in the amargosa restaurant please read here)

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