Aviv, who thought that she’s ugly

March 22, 2015 - single portrait

This picture is taken more than half a year ago , but I decided to post it only now. And you will see, why …

I was wandering around in search of some beautiful eyes to focus on, when I entered the local supermarket and saw this cashier girl. These were the eyes: so young, bright and challenging, but warm and unsure at the same time. I took her picture without asking just while my friend was paying for her purchase. The girl asked me why I do it, and I said that she has the eyes I need for my project .. “But I look ugly” she said.  Now my friend had to tell her that she does not. I asked her to look at me so that I take a picture while she’s aware of being photographed . She agreed..I thanked .. Then I haven’t asked her name  Why I remembered about this portrait now? Just recently  I entered the same supermarket and saw her again.. Last  week I made two prints and brought them to Aviv ( now I asked her name, “Aviv” means “Spring” in Hebrew )  “This is for you”  I gave her the envelope,  there were a lot of customers  at the cash and she was embarrassed  a bit, , she thanked, but haven’t opened the envelope and put it under the drawer…. I have seen her today again. I was at the supermarket , but didn’t go to pay at Aviv’s cash, just didn’t want to embarrass her more . While I was paying Aviv came to take something from the other cash-lady and saw me.  She said she liked the portraits. “How  you remembered me ?”-she asked. “Cause you said that you’re ugly, – I answered, -Hope you don’t think so anymore..” I myself think that she is beautiful, just as spring can be …

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  1. melissa says:

    Beautiful Girl! Refreshing post. Thank you-

  2. Marina Shkuropat says:

    A beautiful post about a beautiful girl, Lena. Your story and the photo is just another proof how often we underestimate ourselves. Thanks for your love to people and your wonderful ability to see the beauty in every one and every thing. A very positive post, thanks a lot! Please say to Aviv (next time you see her at the supermarket) her eyes say she’s beautiful inside and out.

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