Masha The Hairdresser

March 20, 2015 - single portrait

I always go to a hairdresser’s when I visit Russia.  No offence to the Dutch, but they simply don’t have the  magic for my Russian head.  So, shortly after I arrive to Russia I go to a hairdresser. Any hairdresser.  They all have the magic I need.  Must be something in their training or being a Russian and knowing Slavic feminine culture. High heels, well put make-up and a great hair cut is a must over there. No matter what kind of disasters just hit you – you must look great.  I kind of like it. It’s like never giving up.

So, during my last visit I went to a hairdresser’s as usual and met Masha. Masha was very young and very professional.  I was impressed when she was talking shop, and I also was impressed by Masha’s enthusiasm when I told her about 100 Strangers.  She liked the idea of our project very much! Make friends, love and great haircuts, not war. Masha told me a little about her choosing a profession, and I had to laugh picturing her dolls with their hair cut short and died. Real passion calls early for some of us. But it wasn’t until Masha graduated, and started working, when she realized that was really her path.  Masha was a sweet-heart, but also a no nonsense girl, with a long list of clients who booked her in advance. When you are a pro of 20 something years old, such a list says a lot. I always enjoy most when I see people who love what they do, doing what they love. I enjoy watching them at work.  And what Masha did to my dusty curls was magic.  I promised her to write a little story next to a picture of her, and I have done it with great pleasure.

Thank you, Masha! I will see you again one day!

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  1. Love, Olga, how you captured her enthusiasm while doing her work. So rarely we see people doing their work with love , at least not me 🙂

  2. Lena, huge thank you for seeing/saying that! You know I’ve made more than one photograph of Masha, and on some she was was looking better, looking straight at me etc. But in the end I made my choice for this shot, because in my eyes, this one showed her at her best. When she wasn’t for me or for herself, but for that woman in a chair. And I LOVED that open mouth of hers, and how she looked at her client. Completely in her element 🙂

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