painting the world new

March 7, 2015 - single portrait

when i met marc he had no home, he slept in the stockroom of the pizzeria he worked for as a delivery boy. marc was born in 1984 and learnt house painting after he finished school. while painting houses he discovered his creative talent. he quit his job, moved to another town and started to paint fine art. because he had no studio he decided to use the natural space for his new life. he took his colors and canvas and settled in the park under the spring sun as often he could. he actually intended to be for himself but learnt that people around him popped out like mushrooms after rain when the sunny season started. this was last year and i haven’t seen him since then. i remembered him today, because it is exactly the same weather like last year when i found him in the grass painting the world new. being a talky, brightly smiling and positive character i don’t worry about him that he will find his way. he made life-decisions that make him happy without hesitation and bravely overcoming tiny and bigger obstacles. because there is only one life to live. and so was his painting, colorful, ornamental and with a twinkling eye.

germany’s weather channels forecast the first sunny springlike weekend of the year and i hope they are right. have a great weekend, strangers out there, wherever you are! get out, live your life and paint the world new!

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  1. I love love love this portrait and the post and the message in it!!

  2. Wonderful portrait, great story…

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