Colors that fight demons

March 2, 2015 - single portrait

It’s winter here in Germany. The days have been cold, wet and mostly grey so seasonal bad mood and apathy have started to creep in. One of these evenings I looked colorful images in my LR library and got stuck re-editing photos I took in the South of India in December 2011. The memories of blue sky, the color of the clothes people were wearing and responsiveness of the people I photographed, set me immediately in a better mood because the people appeared happy and satisfied.

It is too simple to say, people are happier because their life’s simple. Although, it might be true that all our possessions have built a wall around us and we just don’t see the people living next to us anymore. Anxiety and worry that change will come to our lives and that we might have to do without things that we acquired have replaced spontaneity and  joy to a certain extend.  I remember a series of photos showing families and their entire belongings in front of their house. It seemed that the families, with little they could call their own, were happier in the images. Unfortunately, I can’t find the images online. So, is it that less possession makes one happier? Or, does possession drive us more and more into slavery?

Of the images I took in India I especially like to come back to this portrait. I was out exploring the countryside some where close to the city of Bangalore and I found this little blue tower in the middle of the brownish and greenish landscape. Two girls were doing the laundry in front of the tower. They were really washing their colorful clothes by hand. I hang around for a while, shooting photos of the tower and the surrounding. I also climbed up the tower to watch the washing from the top. The girls kept giggling and talking about me. When i came down, I tried to have a little conversation but their English wasn’t good enough. I pointed towards the camera and one blushed not wanting to be photographed while the other girl agreed.

I never got to know the name of the girl in the photo. I really wish I could connect the photo with a name. The portrait with its rich colors and the young woman’s war smile makes me happy and it expels the winter demons.

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  1. Ijon, I love these bright colors and the light on her face!
    BTW I’d like to check whether some more possession will drive me into slavery 😉

  2. In one word- fantastic, Ijon. All of it. Wonderful post! Wonderful stranger.

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