Joseph - one picture

Joseph – one picture

February 23, 2015 - single portrait

i saw him going along the main street and stopped trying to see into the market where was open street party, crowded, noisy and cool of course unusual for this place and this time of day. i took a picture of him peeping to the side of a party place. he saw that i was looking at him with interest and asked me if i took his picture. i started a conversation. a big part of the last were my sentences and his approving silence:
– yes, i took a picture of you.
– … (he came closer wanting to see the photo)
i showed the picture of him and a few taken before – cool photographs of partying and dancing happy, young people.
he turned his face to the side :
– i can’t look on this …
– but they are not naked or something – they are just happy in their emotions.
– … (no answer)
– can i take a portrait of you ? – I asked.
– what do you mean ?
i explained him in a few words
– why me ? – he asked.
– i found interesting how curious you are, how much power and strength in your look.
– power?
– yes power! so can i take the portrait of you ?
– one picture …
i took three – the second one was just for the backup in case if he will wink and another one with the step backward – i wanted to bring more envirenment to the moment but i found the first click as successful.
– how can i get the picture – he asked me.
– i can send you by mail if you have one.
he shook his head from left to right and back.
– i can bring you the printed photo.
– one picture …  – he said.
I asked him for his name.
– Joseph – he said.

more portraits

Thank you.

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  1. Dawn Copley says:

    Victor – this is an excellent story ! Joeph is a man of mystery and just as you interpreted a man of power. You have such experience as a photographer that you recognize expressions and emotions in the faces of people so well . Joseph had complete control over how much he would allow to be known . That is definitely personal confidence and power. I think it is really a wonderful extra about taking pictures of people . You silently learn the language of people in their faces, eyes, hands, and movements. Life is so amazing ! Thank you for sharing .

  2. Vic, and I have the “making of” picture, will send you somehow if you want 🙂 BTW, you promised him a picture : Hashikma 1 :))

  3. Göran says:

    What a magnificent portrait and beautiful story!

  4. IjonTichy says:

    Hi Vic, I was just able to read your story right now. busy busy … I like it and I like the ambiguous feeling to it. He and you don’t seem to be sure that taking his picture is the right thing to a certain extend.

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