me and giggling school girls

February 13, 2015 - group portrait

one day in early january this year i visited the tel aviv museum of art. a friend recommended a photo exhibition and so i gave it a try not knowing what to expect. the museum is huge and filled up with interesting and inspiring exhibitions of many different modern art styles. it is allowed for free to take pictures and since i like taking pictures of people in exhibitions caching their relation to arts the moment when it just happens, so i took my rolleiflex sl66 with me. it is a rather big medium format camera and so it caught some attention and curious looks. in the huge hallway a group of girls, around age 13 i guess, clowned around, running and teasing each other until they saw me with this weird camera in my hands.

“hey, take our picture” they called, laughing both shily and eagerly. i came over and they asked me where i was from. and when i asked them they said: “very far away” and named a nearby israelian town. for israelians it was indeed far away, dimensions extend when the space of living is limited i learnt from my own experience since i live in switzerland. one girl was good in english and so she helped the others in our conversation. the girls where on a school trip to the museum and they (astonishingly) appeared quite interested, open-minded and even excited to be there. maybe they had just arrived. they again asked to be photographed, but only two of the girls were brave enough to pose, not so the translator-girl, she was rather the intellectual head of the gang.

because of the low light in the hallway, only a large roy lichtenstein artwork was illuminated properly, i was forced to choose a slow shutter speed (1/30) and so i wanted the girls to stand still … which was nearly impossible. they constantly changed their poses and guestues, made goofball faces and never stopped giggling. i giggled, too. they were so cute and i was almost about to give up, when they finally found a little discipline to stand still for a second. snap! thank you sara (on the right) and all the other girls in and out of the frame to giggle with me. i felt like a schoolgirl myself for a little while.

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  1. beautiful story and funny portrait Trill !

  2. Lena Konstantinova says:

    Giggling 🙂 Trill, Missing your giggling 🙂

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