mr “have time”

February 8, 2015 - single portrait

It was very usual winter day for Eilat – very sunny but cold in shadowed places because of the wind blowing from the mountains. The city was surprisingly empty and open for my observation. I desided to return back to the hotel by walk and somewhere in the middle of my way (like 2.5km from the cityline) and found him sitting in this pose on the wayside near his Polaris Ranger stuck on the road.

The winter sun was very low behind this guy, so he is, sitting near his vehicle created very nice shadowplay for me. i took the picture from far with the all beautiful environment and got close to him just to say hello and how beautiful this scene looks with all highlighted mountains on background and his long shadow. this simple “hello” become almost one hour small talk about the life in Eilat.

“don’t run and don’t hurry”. one who would like to “survive” in this area need to slow down his run and do not rush much. we spoke about his business – Oren (his name) takes a tourists to explore these beautiful mountainous surroundings on his Polaris. as i understood he waited for his friend with some part to repair his “iron horse” .he said several times his main phrase – “don’t run and don’t hurry”. seems like this rule works for him good. i got his phone number for the next time when i’ll be here in Eilat and wished him a quick waiting. “no need to be fast – i have time, no hurry” he said.

i envy you mr “have time”!

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thank you for taking a look!

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  1. Lena Konstantinova says:

    Beautiful light on him, Vic, and nice philosophy:) seems he really has all time in the world

  2. Absolutely right Lena ! thank you very much

  3. Dawn Copley says:

    Victor – Oren or Mr. Have Time seems like a wonderful man to meet . The type of person that could get you to slow down and look around for a bit and appreciate life’s little things . A man with patience and kindness . A great story and photo too ! You meet so many unique folks about your way ! I look forward to hearing another tale from you soon . Dawn

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