the adventurous sisters

February 1, 2015 - group portrait

i met the girls (sofia 12 and alessia 15) on the top of a zip lining tower at the moaning cavern near angels camp, california, waiting for the race. while it was the first time for me and her father they were experienced flyers and wanted to do the ‘super hero style’ this time, which means you fly with the head first like superman. her father and i did the conventional style and we two were a bit excited (not to say scared) while the girls made poke faces and said: “nah, not a big deal. we do crazier things.” and her father, david, nodded with a knowing smile.

after the race was over (i won against david) the family which included grams and granny invited me for picknick. i chipped in some granola bars, carrots and cold water i kept in the trunk when roadtripping. we enjoyed a shady place under the huge oak trees the area provided. the girls told me about their adventurous life, riding the craziest rollercoasters, crawling the spookiest caverns and climbing the biggest rocks. both are very different. sofia, the younger in the foreground, is smart, witty, selfconscious, talky and with an open and proud smile. alessia is rather calm, a bit shy but, a very lovely, understanding and sensitive young adult.


understandably her father is very proud of them and he wasn’t too shy to express that very open. the girls were ashamed but i could easily see the love in their eyes. it touched me and i very much enjoyed the company of this loving and lovely family.

after the picknick, her dad decided to stay with me while the girls left for playing golf with grams and granny. before i asked them to take some pictures and i wasn’t surprised that sofia placed herself in the foreground while alessia liked to be in the back. there seemed to be no competition but love and intimacy between them.

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  1. Awesome story and portrait of sisters.
    interesting to know a little bit about the different colors and tones of two posted these images. are them from two different frames exposed with different cameras ?

    • thanl you for your kind comment, vic. both pictues are digital and shot one shortly after the other. i liked to have both in focus, but because alessia placed herself in the background i needed to shots to make this visible. when i processed the pictures i used two different filters to highlight the girl’s different personalities as i told in the story. it was before my analog era πŸ™‚ displaying two pictures in one post should be a rare exception, but here it made sense for me.

  2. i see now. actually the greenish one really looks like some Potra tones πŸ™‚

  3. Dawn Copley says:

    Trillian – another great story of Adventure with very nice people ! I love both photos. The first has the warmth of the sun shining in between the girlls in a very natural and unique way which definitely displays each of the girls personalities in a way ! They are both lovely. The second picture is shot in less light and green tint is everywhere in the refections ! It is amazing to me how I am learning about light and shadows right now. I have to tell you how proud i hope you will be . I began Oxford, MS first photography club. I asked a well known photographer here if we had any group to gather to talk photography over coffee or whatever and share and maybe do photo walks. Next think I here we are having 9 people together at my suggestion to help he has asked a friend , a professional , to tutor or lead our mixture . We met Sat., Jan. 31. It was great fun. I am on my way to adding a stranger story soon !!! Thank you for believing in me Trill . Dawn

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