Tzipi the lady-bus driver

January 29, 2015 - single portrait

Eilat, our bus from the hotel to local Airport. a few seconds i was in some dilemma when I entered the bus and saw her – to ask or not to ask. the bus is full of co-workers and most of them do not have idea that i take pictures especially of strangers, so i was in the double doubts. but “in war as in war” and here Tzipi – the most fascinating lady-bus driver! she was surprised a little bit but only for a moment and returned back to the previous position – exactly like i saw her – ready to take this full of passengers bus to the road and to drive it with cool and calm expression on her face.

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About Victor Bezrukov

I’m Victor Bezrukov – Israel based Unplugged Freelance Photographer (not a street photographer), IT specialist and Information Security consultant. more about me on my own blogsite -

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  1. Lena Konstantinova says:

    I like this kind of portrait, she has a nice face and especially I like her hands !

  2. IjonTichy IjonTichy says:

    yeah, agree with Lena 🙂 the face and the hands are very strong features.

  3. Dawn Copley says:

    Victor – Oh ! Yes ! She is a very interesting woman . Look at that pleasant smile and her eyes that seem to say , ” Jump on and I will show you things you may have never seen before. Go ahead and take my photo it has been done before to ! ” HA! But just like Lena, you know I am a fan of truthful hands. She has strong and yet still calm womanly hands . She is a lovely lady ! It is a great photo and I know she is a nice Mother and fun grandmother to some people . Very clear and steady picture too . Victor , the photo shows no sign of nerves on your part ! Dawn

  4. Beth Cabot says:

    I love this blog. Great photos. Thank you!

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