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January 6, 2015 - group portrait

2009 i visited the sultanate oman the first time. i was impressed by the astonish variety and beauty of the landscape and the exceptional kindness of the people. the oman people have such a positive spirit and friendly manner that is also expressed by their mostly colorful and casual way of wearing clothes and the typical omani hat. compared to the near emirates this is most obvious. even though you won’t see many women on the streets they normally are free to speak with you and friendly wave when you drive by in your car through the mountain villages. and there are the children …

when i came back in 2014 and almost took the same tour as 5 years earlier again i remembered a very special place in the mountains near khasab. it was so deep sunken into my memories, because i had a picture of the sun glittering in the wiring when the sun went down the valley and behind the rough mountains. i wanted to see this terrific scene again. and i saw it. but then i was interrupted by a bunch of kids coming nearer and nearer, looking curiously, giggling, whispering, laughing. one girl in a blue hello kitty suit, who probably was the eldest besides a shy boy with the most beautiful snow white smile i’ve ever seen dared to come over and said salaam. and then the other came. finally they were running, jumping, sneaking around me, wondering what this strange box in my hand was. i took as many pictures i could. but because the light was already pretty low and the kids were moving all the time back and forth, up and down, like kids do, i had some trouble getting sharp shots. i couldn’t stop nevertheless. it was too funny and cute to see how the kids were posing, after the shot ran to me, looked on the screen and wondered why anything was to see than the empty scene. not before i took a picture with my mobile device they belived me that i really was a photographer.

they even understood little english and tried to teach me a few words arabic. they took the chance to laugh at me when i didn’t say it right. when i finally drove away slowly down the valley leaving the kids to their simple mountain village life they waved farewell as long as they saw my car’s dustcloud.

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  1. Loved to read this !

  2. Dawn Copley says:

    Trillian –

    This is such a beautiful story about the children . You know how special I think children are as I am a teacher. I think this is one of the most special pieces that you have written . This is the type writings I want to be able to include in my own personal Blog . I have been hoping to document things such as this about my family and home which is quite a little famous literary place in Mississippi. If you have heard of William Faulkner . But , this story is so lovely , and priceless as a perfect memory to share . Thank you ! Dawn

  3. Lena Konstantinova says:

    Nice story, Trill, reminds me a bit my photo communication with kids in the fountain 🙂

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