punch anybody?

December 24, 2014 - group portrait

this was a typical beginning of a story that happens to be quite regularly. i visited the last year’s christmas market with my bronica s2a, which for non-(analog)photographers eyes looks like a very strange object. i took two pictures nearby the punch stand and the two owners observed me with interest, wondering what i was doing with this noisy, shiny box. i didn’t realize that in the first place. when i decided to buy a punch i approached the stand and made my order. they asked me what i had in my hand if it was a camera. i said yes and told them a little about. i learnt that the woman, maggie, was german and a former lab technician some familiar with photo chemistry. renato, the manager, didn’t say many words, but listened with a friendly face working on my punch order. we talked a little about the business and before i took the first sip, i asked them for their portraits they happily agreed on. i took one of each and this “performing” punch ladling. we talked a little while longer and they gave me their email adress on their business card. i sent them their pictures and they replied with pleasure.

we wish all our viewers and readers merry christmas, loads of punch and cookies, love and peace, an open eye for the strangers around you and an open heart for their stories. let the strangers become memorable people you really met or even friends. 

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