the red house market for artists and designers

December 17, 2014 - single portrait

the red house market for artists and designers is located close to the ximen subway station in taipei. they sell all kinds of cutesy stuff like things for the house, clothes, bags, pictures and all kinds of accessories. a lot of the things are designed locally and very individually designed pieces.

i noticed t-shirts with colorful design printed on them. i liked the t-shirt with a fat boy having a weird haircut with a fringe printed on iit. i checked if size XXL was available. however, i decided not to get it. the guy running the stall looked exactly like the boy on the t-shirt. first I thought it was a coincidence and than i realized he’s the guy on the t-shirt and probably the designer as well. he also dressed himself the same way and the haircut matched. i walked away with a smile on my face but turned around to ask him for a photo.

he did his best to resemble the print on the t-shirt a lot.

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