hats and sandwiches

December 16, 2014 - single portrait

remember the lady with the crazy hat and that i promised a second chapter of the story? here it is:

after i left the woman i strolled little further looking around and stopped at a furniture antique’s store. they decorated their chairs outside on the pedestrian area and people started to stop by. i decided to watch the scene for a while and sat down on a shop window board right across. after a few minutes a woman came out of the store with a sandwich in her hand and said with a smile: hey, what’s going on out here? i turned around, saw the woman and into the shop window. it was a hat shop and suddenly i calculatet 1 and 1. i asked her if it was her shop and if she is the hat designer. she said yes and i showed her the picture of the woman with the hat i had just taken. she admitted that it was her work, still nibbling her sandwich. i asked her for a picture and she reacted quite shy. she wasn’t nice enough and has the mouth full of bread … but i sensed that she felt flattered anyway and so i insisted. when she had finished her lunch i took the picture and promised to come back with a print.

and that’s what i did. a few weeks later i brought her a a4 sized print and she was amazingly surprised and happy that i kept my word. if you are in zurich please visit sonja rieser’s hat shop. she has crazy and beautiful creations and a special section for very cute children’s clothes and accessory.

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