seeing the dolphins

November 24, 2014 - single portrait

We walked into a travel/copy shop in the center of Khasab, a small town in the northern part of the Oman.  and demanded a trip to see the dolphins. The asked us to sit down and wait five minutes. Since it was hot outside, we thought that’s a good idea. Some phone calling was going on. People walked in and out the shop mostly doing photo copies of some official paperwork. After a while a guy came over and asked us if we wanted a city tour or a 4-wheel drive ride through the mountains. We answered that we came to see the dolphins. The guy said that the tours to see the dolphins leave in the morning. Yet, we didn’t want a tour but a boat that brings us to see the dolphins whenever we want to see them. He asked us to wait another five minutes which turned out to be a little bit more but who’d care when he gets the job done. After a little bit more calling we were asked to follow the car of a guy that would bring us to the boat. We agreed on a price and were told to pay the owner of the boat. How the proceeds were divided by all participants will remain a secret. All that mattered: we’ll be seeing dolphins.

On the boat we met Ali who took us out to finally see the dolphins and the beautiful fjord landscape just outside Khasab. Ali didn’t speak much English. However, he was a very relaxed,a nice fellow that knew what to do. And he introduced us to the wonderful seascape in northern Oman.

And we did see the dolphins.


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  1. There is a dolphins beach in Eilat and possible to go there and to see some simple attraction with dolphins. also possible to go inside a water and to be in contact with. but i always think about – someone asked dolphins if they want to see us in this specific moment ? or even to be in contact ? but sometimes they look like have real fun to show us some tricks :-))

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