woman with hat

November 19, 2014 - single portrait

actually i don’t like portraits in portrait mode, but as you might see it was impossible to squeeze this hat into a landscape frame. normally i don’t ask people for their portrait only and not talk to them for some other reason. but this was a different approach. i saw  this beautiful lady with her artsy hat and needed to ask her for a portrait.  she, however distanced, was thankful that asked her, because as she told me many people take her picture without permission which she doesn’t like. to my please she agreed my application immediately. she seriously insisted on having the whole hat in the frame and i needed to let her see the result on the screen (‘fortunately’ i had a digital camera) she told me that she bought the impressive hat in a little boutique nearby … and this is not the end of the story. second chapter will follow soon.

later i learnt that this woman is a local celebrety, having appearances on the local tv from time to time. she is a walking fashion advertisement and some kind of superficial tourist attraction.

About Trillian Petrova

scholar in humanities loves photography, people and travelling. the combination of all three together with a special skill in literature and writing make this 100strangers project rolling. i collect analog cameras and know how to use them.

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