doggy, what are you doing

November 19, 2014 - group portrait

Sometimes it’s just impossible to get involved into a nice, long conservation. It could have been OK since the old fellow bathing his dog had a lot to tell. Yet, I didn’t understand, or at least not much. I pointed at the camera in my hand and he nodded. I took this as approval to take a couple of shots.

The dog didn’t seem to enjoy his little exercise too much. He was paddling in a slow rhythm, not too excited and just enough not to go under. After a while the guy pulled the dog out of the water by his feet and started soaping and rinsing him with tap water. I learned that salt water would kill parasites hiding in the dog’s fur and I guess the exercise of swimming can’t be bad for our furry friend.

The kids also watched the spectacle and had fun just like me on this warm autumn afternoon in Taiwan’s southern city of Tainan.


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