what happened during the school excursion

November 18, 2014 - group portrait

It’s Saturday morning. The sky is still a bit overcast and the sun tries to come out. I’m in Tainan, a city in Taiwan’s South. I’m sitting on a little stool waiting for the square in front of the Confucius temple to clear in order to take a shot. Suddenly, a bunch of school kids swarm all over me wanting their picture taken with me. Ok, Ok, bring it on but let me take a picture first.

The kids were from a small city in the very South of Taiwan.  didn’t understand the name but they nodded when I mentioned Kenting, a city on the most southern tip that got a beach and a number of resorts. Taiwanese learn English in school. However, using it in daily life is a different story. So my little Chinese and some words in English have to do for now. The girls are on a guided tour through the temple which isn’t a place of worship but the learning of Confucius’ teaching. However, they seemed more interested in taking photos and joking with me. I run into the group a little bit later again and I ask Uma (2nd from left) if she knows when the temple was built. She doesn’t and walks off to ask the guide.



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