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November 4, 2014 - group portrait

the bauhaus center in tel aviv is located in the center of the so called white city (the world’s largest district of bauhaus and international style architecture) at 99 dizengoff street close to the zina dizengoff square.

one day i took the self guided audio tour with a rented mp3 player and a map which i enjoyed very much strolling and looking around, taking analog photographs. unfortunately i had to pass back the map, but later i realized that i might become difficult to identify the buildings on the photographs with a certain address. so i went back to the bauhaus center and a young girl was very friendly and helpful with a copy of the map.

she asked me where i come from, the easiest start to talk to a tourist, and when she learned i was from switzerland she told me her dad is swiss as well and the owner of the bauhaus center. her israelian mom even speaks german since they lived in zurich for 4 years back when she herself was little. we talked english … so far. when her mom came over and heard where i live she asked me if i speak swiss german. she found my sore point, i still struggle with the swiss dialect, embarassingly. she said her daughter would only understand swiss german. mhm, tricky, but we ended up in the following communicative constellation:

mom talked german to me, i talked german to mom. daughter talked english to me, i talked english to daughter. mom talked swiss german to daughter, daughter talked hebrew to mom. mom translated to german for me.

customers around stopped viewing the books, souvenirs, art work and other stuff for sale and started to watch to us with puzzled faces, shrugging soulders. what the heck? anyway, we went on with our four language babel conversation, understood each other superbly. i had my 5d plus lensbaby with me and before i left ayala (daughter) and shlomit (mom) happily agreed to smile into my camera. and what i got as a result became my favorite portrait. i sent it to them via email two weeks later and i received a very kind response. in english.

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