people like their pictures taken

November 3, 2014 - single portrait

Most people like their picture taken and also shown as long as you ask nicely. You need to be OK with being dissed as well. However, I seldom had someone reject my request to take their pictures. It’s different if you move in and take a shot while you walk by and get them by surprise. I’m not sure what value this kind of shot has. What does it document but a moment of being unsure how to behave? Or, I ask the question the other way around: is it worth to document this moment? Or, is it better to take an image when the person is feeling comfortable in their environment and connects willingly to the photographer?

I met Chauncy in Prairie City, OR. We met in a store/cafe and started talking. I’ve seen him in a local bar the night before which kind of started the conversation. Chauncy gets around quite a lot. He lived and worked allover and brought back hundreds of stories. Yet, he misses his farm, the land and the animals in Prairie City. So even if he’s going to leave for another year, he will come back home.

Chauncy got me a book he found in the store. I was a bit shy to take it but he insisted and I’m glad he did. “1000 places to see before you die in the USA and Canada” is now right next to me, a memory and a connection. I ask him if I could take his picture and he agreed.

I think people like their pictures taken …

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  1. great write up. and important questions aksed. i agree to the fullest. that’s why we are here, aren’t we?

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