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October 31, 2014 - group portrait

i was used to be a gamer girl, not very serious but i own a bunch of gaming consoles and i even had one my father brought from a travel back in my gdr childhood. it was an 80’s atari (don’t recall the model number) and i played ‘pac man’ all day long (when my mother was out of the house). i played the whole ‘zelda’ series, even purchased a game cube a few years ago for not missing ‘windwaker’ and ‘twilight princess’. i never made it through ‘phantom hour glass’ (too many repititions) and ‘spirit tracks’ (how the hell can i blow this f** song correctly). i finished diablo3 twice, loved ‘beyond good and evil’ (how cool to be a photographer as a side quest), shot my way through the wild west in ‘red dead redemption’ and could drive my car the streets of vice city for hours just listening the radio stations in ‘grand theft evil’. but all started with arcade games on ‘poly play’ (, the only machine of that kind the gdr ever built. i even jumped from a 3m spring board at the age of 7 my father challenged me and won 5 marks to spend in gaming.

there is an arcade games place in coos bay, california. i met joey, the owner and sarah, his wife, when i came along by accident. i never saw a big place stuffed with arcade games like that. saw one in las vegas before and another in dubai but this place was huge or i just assumed it, because it was rather dark, because the early evening hours are still peaceful, before the kids come out to play, joey told me. he even repairs broken machines, but this becomes more and more difficult. with the increase of his abilities the offers of spare parts, mostly on ebay he buys, becomes rare. joey and sarah are a cute, funny couple, always laughing, making jokes, very friendly and interested, talky and inviting. just great people a pleasure to meet. i took a photo of them posing with a naked chicken and goof ball faces.

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  1. Robbie says:

    Wow, this tells me a lot of about you as well as those in the picture. I loved arcade games growing up…..still do.

  2. thanlk you very much, robbie. yes, i am a gaming girl and also my academic resaech is on games and play 🙂 get over to and try it yourself.

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