day of the finals

October 29, 2014 - single portrait

the scenic byway through the high desert of oregon is one of the most beautiful roads in the western u.s. the john day fossil beds painted hills unit is a must see in that area. and a must see is that little town named prairie city. it has an historic hotel worth to stay, a diner which is crowded with locals for breakfast and a woozy bar in the rear part of a mexican restaurant called maria’s. local folks, young and old, have their drinks, farmers, fire fighters, construction workers, crazy people and people who drink too much. but all friendly, real and good people. there was gary battles, a local country singer, and dechutes freshly squeezed.

in a antiquity & collectables, books and coffee shop (you know these typical american undefined shops) i met melanie and her dog. i looked around the shop and talked with some other guy when she took the chance when she heard i live in switzerland to hop in the conversation to tell me that she once wanted to got to switzerland for a job back in the 60’s. she told me that she applied for this job and really wanted to go, but it didn’t turn out like that and she got a job in texas instead. “not the worst time of my life. texas was a great state back then.” she now lives with his husband, norm, who is the local dentist, and two mini dogs in prairie and has several jobs. a little real estate, a little this and that. melanie is a well-educated woman, almost what one calls sophisticated, an amazingly friendly, open-minded and curious person. it was the day of the soccer world cup finals and when she learnt i was german she spontaneously invited me to watch the match on her cabin’s tv. unfortunately i had to make some miles on that day and so i finally heard it from the radio on the way to baker city that we won.

i sent melanie her picture via email and we shared our memories. she really is a adorable woman.

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