a short conversation

October 28, 2014 - single portrait

the girl approached me, looked up and said: “Sir, do you want buy a t-shirt, or some postcards”

I answered ignoring her business proposal: “I’m fine. How are you today?”

“Ha”, she snapped, “I didn’t ask you how you are. I did ask you to buy some of my merchandise”

I wanted to know: “Did you learn English in school?”

“School?”, she laughed, “No, I learned it out here selling stuff to tourists”

Finally, I got some postcards, negotiated a photo of her on top, took it and we went our ways …

… taken in Angkor Thom, Cambodia with a Fujifilm S2 back in 2003.



About IjonTichy

I'm a German engineer with a passion for photography especially when it comes to analog photography. I shoot from half frame 35mm up to 4x5''. My favorite camera is Hasselblad 500C/M. My favorite film is Ilford Delta 400.

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