walking together

October 27, 2014 - single portrait

i travelled to israel for 10 days by my own. i have good friends over there so i wasn’t alone all the time. but when i was alone i was’nt it very long. i had an apartment in ben yehuda street in tel aviv very close to the beach. one day i decided to walk all the way along the promenade to old jaffa and back. i walked for just 10 minutes until a guy on a bicycle came along, stopped and said: “hi! how are you?” to be honest, normally i don’t like to be hold up like this by people when i have certain plans and want to be alone with me and my camera. but this guy didn’t look as if he wanted to flirt with me or occupy me for the rest of the day, but just to be kind, to say hi and for a chat. i really didn’t regret that i replied: “hi. nice to meet you.”

he was crazy about that i was german. he recently fell in love with a girl from the netherlands, just came back from his first visit and he now learns dutch at a language center. he talked a little german and he was amazing. he beamed with joy when i told him how good he was. his name was aaron and he comes to the promenade every evening to see the sunset. “that’s my after work party”, he said. i come here with my bycicle and see the sun come down and how tel aviv, the never sleeping city, changes it’s face. the life in tel aviv actually starts when the sun goes down.” he invited me to join him and his friends at rabin square. he promised to buy me a drink when i come. he gave me his phone number. i admit, i never called.

after half an hour or so he said: “ok, i don’t want to bother you any longer and let you enjoy your walk.” i almost was a little sad about his leaving. when i finally asked aaron for his portrait he insisted to include his bycicle. “you would never recognize me again if you forget my bycicle. we are inseperable.” he said with a serious face.

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