Lisa & Daniel

October 27, 2014 - group portrait

So, I was getting gas before driving about 300 miles north to visit my parents, just paid and I couldn’t believe my eyes: An old tractor with two smiling, young people just drove in. I was debating with myself whether I should ask them to take a picture or not while walking back to the car. It was kind of busy there. I mean, it’s a gas station. Another car waited already behind mine to get gas and more cars drove in. Finally I asked and they agreed. I ran back to the car, drove it to the side, not to keep the next guy waiting, grabbed the camera and ran back. While doing that I checked the scene and decided that the tractor needs to back up a bit. I maneuvered the car behind past the tractor, trying not to cause a total chaos at the gas station.

It’s really not the best frame but I got them both with a big smile. I metered, framed, hit the release, made a couple of steps forward and shot again. While running off already, I asked Daniel for his email and keyed it in my phone back in the car. When I arrived back home on Sunday, I did a little search for the email and found out that Daniel is a member of a theater group in Munich. Would you be interested? I was and I checked el teatro’s website and facebook page. Mhhh, there next premiere is “comedy in the dark” this coming Friday.

Go check it out!

Dear Lisa and Daniel, I’m quite happy I met you two and took the shot. Even though, my inner critique sees fault, it is the photo I take that makes the day and not the photos never taken. Thank you so much!


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