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October 27, 2014 - single portrait

retired people have lots of time. they have so much time that they are busy all day long. and the earlier they retire the busier they become over years.

bob retired from the army and he is busy like hell. when i came along his place in a small town of victorian style in california i saw this buick eight in front of his yard of course admired it and took this picture. he saw me, came out of his garage and said in a rather neutral tone – not too friendly, not unkind, not with a smile, not with an annoyed face: “hi, i have more inside, come in if you like”. why not, i thought and i entered a car builder’s wonderland. he showed me around, obviously proud of it, talking like an expert, who would loose earnesty when showing too much enthusiasm and behaved like someone who shows around people all week. (what he probably doesn’t. i don’t think many people come along and even if they visit the town because of its victorian architecture they probably don’t visit the back-town neighbourhoods).

two cars were almost ready built. one was a turquoise colored chevrolet and he posed for me in front of a ford something, i forgot what it was. he told me that he regularly takes part in vintage car shows. he has some reputation in that business and i don’t doubt that. see his face? a little proud, a little arrogance, a little happyness for showing his work to strangers but also much of kindness. i can easily imagine him playing with his grand children on the beach digging for sea shells. if he only had time.

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