debby in the barbie shag

October 26, 2014 - single portrait

debby grows wild flowers, she makes sculptures from chicken wire and moss, she sewes pumpkin lookalike pillows, she used to live with a mini pig, chicken and a horse, but since her mom requires care she lives with her and three dogs. debby builds small houses and paints them white and pink. everything is white and pink, the walls, the roof and ceiling, the floor, the veranda, he fences, the outhouse, all furniture and even debby’s hair and blouse. “a friend gave me this blouse, i have it for years, i wear it when i make my stuff, because it matches the color so well”, she says and she laughs with a husky, honest, hearty voice.

the cutest little pink barbie’s dream house was used to be her home for years she built with her own hands, but she gave it to a neighbor friend because her mom needs more comfort. another pinky shag is used to debby’s atelier and show room stuffed with dried flowers and dominated by a beautiful baroque sofa. debby even painted a huge historic building in the town center pink, with official permission i assume. debby raised four kids but still looks so young and even girlish that it hardly can believed that they are all grown up and raise their own families. she has beautiful blond hair and blue eyes she got from his swedish father.

“it wasn’t easy to get along with my mom when she moved in. she didn’t want to leave the house the first few months, she was scared, because everything was new to her. i needed to do everything and lost all my independence. i couldn’t do what i did before, life changed a lot since then. but meanwhile i convinced myself that’s rather a pleasure than a burden,” she says and laughs happily and sadly at the same time. debby has no email address. she has facebook, she said, but doesn’t know how it works. meanwhile i found her boyfriend on facebook and i sent him the pictures to show her. since then debby found out how to use face book and added me to her friends.

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