boogie, die!

October 26, 2014 - single portrait

eve made me stop on that corner in old jaffa with the hovering orange tree created by ran morin. i was strolling through the narrow streets around noon til i heard her raspy voice: “wow, this is a fancy camera.” “yep”, i said, and we ended up talking for about an hour. and if i hadn’t need to leave we probably would have certainly went further onto her dinner table.

eve was a born american and came to israel with her parents when she was 16. they bought a house in old jaffa when her father, a teacher by profession, switched to be an artist. from now on he made beautifully print work of jaffa scenes. eve herself decided to become an english teacher, studied and lived in the u.s. for several years. her english was perfect with almost no accent (as far as i can judge that). she returned to israel for living her life as a teacher, had an apartment in tel aviv but recently decided to move back into her parent’s house after her mom fell down the stairs and hurt herself severely. she herself is retired now (i guess) and runs the shop selling her father’s artworks on the ground floor of their 1500 years old house.

eve is a storyteller and it is hard to stop her laughing and giggling. she is incredibly witty, intelligent even wise, her eyes like her beautiful still naturally blond hair sparkle like from a young girl, she is warm hearty, inviting and curious. in the end when i expressed my honest regret over to leave she told me her favorite story (many times paused by her infecting laughter). it is a story about language confusion, because we both love language and are language teachers in the one or the other way:

once when i lived in chicago i had a dog named boogie, named after humphrey bogart. one night i walked the dog and it was fucking freezing, but boogie peed and peed and would’t stop. i yelled at him in hebrew, “!מספיק boogie” which means “enough, boogie” but sounds like “boogie, die”. one of these arrogant wealthy ladies covered in fur came by and shouted at me: “what are you doing? i gonna report you to the animal rights organization.” i didn’t understand her excitement and told her that i talk hebrew to my dog and that she’d let us alone.” she didn’t believe me any word. she probably thought hebrew is that ancient or even fictious language from the bible age nobody can speak in real life and israel is an imaginary country invented by the newspaper or whatever. “this is just a warning!” she finally said wrathy and with a wagging finger. and while we had this conversation boogie peed all the time.

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