the opera choir

October 24, 2014 - group portrait

I met these guys behind the Goethe Theater in Bad Lauchstaedt. The are members of the opera choir in Halle and were performing in “Martha”, a romantic opera composed by Friedrich von Flotow that was first staged in Vienna in 1847. They were standing together in little groups talking and relaxing before the show. I liked their costumes and the way they fit to the little theater that was built in 1802. I’m usually a bit shy to talk to people but I’m learning by doing.

We started talking when I walked by with my camera on a sunny afternoon. Bad Lauchstaedt is a small town close to my birth place Halle. Also, my grand mother lived in a small village just a couple of minutes away. In the eighties and ninetieth Bad Lauchstaedt was a gray and unsightly town and the emission of the close by chemical plants of Leuna and Buna certainly didn’t help to make the little park look greener. However, today the town does its best to promote that fact that the German writer Goethe stayed and ran the little summer theater here.

Check the theater and it’s program here as well as the location of Bad Lauchstaedt on google maps.

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